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Q: What type of club is the Snowmass Mountain Club?
A: The Snowmass Mountain Club is a private, non-equity, social and athletic club created to meet the needs of members and their guests in an active and vibrant, all-inclusive community. The Snowmass base area clubhouse and related facilities are designed to provide the utmost in comfort and service. Club programming will focus on member’s passion for outdoor exploration in the amazing mountains and valleys of the Roaring Fork Valley during all four seasons of the year.

Q: Who owns the Club?
A: The Club and all associated facilities are owned by Aspen Skiing Company, located in Aspen, Colorado. A values-driven family owned company since 1946, it is operated by people who share a common appreciation and respect for the pristine environment in which the Aspen Idea centered on the renewal of Mind, Body, and Spirit, is lived and fully embraced. Aspen Skiing Company owns and operates four ski areas in the Roaring Fork Valley including: Aspen, Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands, and Snowmass. In addition, the company operates a hospitality division featuring The Little Nell and Limelight hotel brands and has been a valued member of the valley communities and commerce for decades.

Q: What is the total number of members the Club will have?
A: The Club is limited to 228 family memberships. The size of members’ families will ultimately determine the total number of actual club users. The Club is truly a boutique club environment and will be a coveted and special experience.

Q: Do I need to be referred to join the Club?
A: No. While many of the members join as a result of their friends and associates belonging to the Club, it is not necessary to have a member referral. Simply contact the membership team to have all of your questions answered and to see if membership is right for you and your family.

Q: Is my spouse also considered a member?

A: Yes. Your spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 24 all have the same privileges as the primary member.

Q: Can my family use the Club’s facilities without me being present?
A: Yes. Your immediate family (spouse and children under the age of 24) are considered members as well. Family members (age 16 and up) are welcome to utilize the clubhouse unaccompanied and bring guests utilizing the same guest guidelines that apply to all members.

Q: How long can my children access the family membership?
A: We love powder and the great outdoors, the one thing we love even more are families enjoying it together. Your children will have full access to everything your membership offers until they turn 24 or marry (whichever is sooner).

Q: How many cars can my family bring to the garage when we visit the Club?

A: Each membership that includes parking privileges (see Membership Plan for details) is allowed one vehicle at a time in the members’ area of the parking garage during club operating hours.

Q: Will there be valet parking?
A: Yes, during peak usage times we may provide valet service for overflow parking requirements. Generally, valet parking will not be necessary as the Club owns specific parking in the structure directly below the base area clubhouse and members will simply take the adjacent elevator directly into the clubhouse.

Q: Is the Club only open in the winter?
A: No. While winter will be a very big part of the Club’s culture, we are a year round club and encourage members and their guests to make full use of the Club’s facilities, programming and services during all four seasons. We anticipate a brief closure in the spring and fall so our team members can prepare for the coming season. Snowmass is an outdoor playground year round, and is only becoming more so with the creation of the Lost Forest and its host of summer activities and exciting events for the whole family. Sam’s (on-mountain dining – projected opening 2019 ski season) will only be available during ski season, at least initially.

Q: What happens if I wish to resign my membership?
A: When a member wishes to resign their membership from the Club they simply need to inform the Club in writing of their desire to do so. Once the Club, according to the Membership Plan, reissues the membership, the resigning member will receive their deposit refund as specified in the Club Membership Plan and Membership Application. Members are expected to maintain their membership in good standing until their membership is reissued or replaced and will continue to enjoy all of the associated facilities, programming, and services until that occurs.

Q: Do I get any of my deposit back if I decide to leave the club in the future?

A: Yes, membership deposits are 90% refundable as defined in our Membership Plan. This means you will be refunded 90% of the membership deposit you paid for your membership when you resign based upon the club’s resignation refund protocol defined in the plan.

Q: Is there a membership for single people?

A: The Club is only offering family memberships, however, a single person is welcome to apply for and acquire a membership in one of the categories being offered.

Q: What is the Club's guest policy?
A: The Club encourages members to share their club experience with friends and family. Members are provided an annual allotment of complimentary guest passes and pay a fee for guests if more access is required. Members and their dependents (age 16 and up) may bring up to four guests at a time to enjoy all the Club has to offer. Special programming, like First Tracks, will be limited to members only. A member must always accompany their guests. The same guest may use the Club no more than four separate times per year regardless of their member host.

Q: Are reservations required for lunch at Sam’s Smokehouse?

A: No, they are not required, but are highly recommended. We are currently planning a renovation and rebranding of Sam’s Smokehouse as our on-mountain dining facility which will accommodate Club members first on a priority booking basis. While you may occasionally be able to walk in, the quality of the cuisine, warmth of service, and incredible surroundings are sure to make this a one of a kind Snowmass experience.

Q: Are there food and beverage minimums that Club members need to meet?
A: No. While we think you’ll find the many offerings we provide irresistible, there are no requirements to dine or drink at the Club or any of our on-mountain venues. We do however encourage fun, laughter, and socializing with everyone while enjoying the Club.

Q: Can hotel guests access Club facilities too?

A: No. The Snowmass Mountain Club is a private, member’s only club. The Club facilities, programming, and services are for the exclusive use of Club members and their invited and accompanied guests as well as a limited number of Limelight and Lumin residential owners. Members also have access to the fitness and aquatic facilities at the Limelight Hotel Snowmass. Guests staying at the hotel have access to those facilities as well. Sam’s on-mountain dining will have nonmember access on a space available basis.

Q: Does every member get their own locker?
A: Yes. Every membership has exclusive use of a private family locker in the base village clubhouse. Since we will provide valet service for your skis, boards, and poles (a total of four pairs per membership), lockers are free to accommodate numerous pairs of boots, helmets, goggles, gloves, and accessories. With boot driers (to accommodate four pairs of boots), cubbies, and plenty of hooks for all of your gear, you might finally get organized.

Q: Are there lockers for my guests to use?
A: Yes. While we don’t have an unlimited supply of guest lockers, we are happy to accommodate your guest’s day locker use on an availability and rental fee basis.
Q: Do I have to use guest passes or pay guest fees if a friend simply wants to dine at Sam’s with me?
A: No. Guest passes and fees only apply when accessing the base village clubhouse and associated facilities or member programming on a space available basis.

Q: Can I try the Club before I buy a membership?
A: Yes of course, on a space available basis. Tours and guest access must be arranged through our membership department. We are scheduled to open for the 2018-2019 ski season but will begin accepting membership applications and deposits in December of 2017.

Q: Where can I get detailed membership information?
A: Please complete the membership inquiry section on our Club website at www.mountainclubatsnowmass.com and our membership team will follow up with you.